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Kitchen Interior Design

Modern Kitchen Furniture

Over the past few years the kitchens design have changed somewhat in importance, because we have become more involved and less of his time in cooking.Many  of us are in motion, always busy looking for ways to save time. At the same time most of us appreciate more stylish kitchen, rather than practical.
This style cuisine is a great minimalist kitchen, designed to fit perfectly in the living space. Kitchens that are designed with Italian flair are both stylish and practical. Everyone knows that Italian families are large and feeding station is consistent with this - an opportunity not only for cooking, but to collect. According to the latest design trends on the interior design, hide cuisine will impress you with vision and multi functionality. The kitchen is an ideal solution for small urban dwellings, such as Tuck is compact and can be easily hidden from view when not in use. Appliances and desktops remain hidden behind the luxurious doors.

Modern Kitchen Sink
They will make you think you stand in front of an expensive wardrobe.  But in the kitchen you will find everything you need to unleash their culinary skills - a stove, a modern sink, microwave, coffeemaker, refrigerator and dishwasher  and all conveniently collected in one place.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets
Modern Kitchen Cabinets
The exterior of the kitchen deck is varnished timber is available in black, chocolate or ivory. Satin finish and will remind you of the designer home furnishings. Inside the doors and work surfaces are stainless steel. Wooden kitchen cabinets offer a stylish space for storing various utensils and spices, and also have drawers with sliding doors.

Kitchen Furniture Design
Ultramodern kitchen furniture  epitome of future. Kitchen furniture and kitchen design with an innovative and unique Italian style. Avant-grade interpretation of kitchen decor is radically different from anything you've encountered so far and work. Every element of the furniture is iconic and surprisingly - from cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Island
Modern Kitchen Island
Cooker is put on an elegant kitchen island, which is supported by a glass panel. If you watch the island from a distance, you thought that it hangs in the air without support. Kitchen furniture is beautiful minimalist design that will ensure a stylish and expressive vision.
All kitchen cabinets are without handles and the lack of any details of their surface brightness allows to shine with all its magnificence. The perfect addition to this design is fresh and bright green color, which puts the final  in the overall composition.

Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design